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10 Motivational Quotes Of Foreign Bizz Records CEO, Moe Kanneh, To Win At Life



Sound knowledge is the one tool every ambitious fellow needs in order to win at life. If you have a dream, but lack the wisdom required to push it to reality, you’ll be filled with sorrow. Kanneh’s quotes is here to help you ‘smile at your dreams and aspirations’, Pokovirtuousblog’s investigation has shown.

Moe Kanneh is one purposeful Businessman whose impact has been felt by many in his city. The Rhode Island native is the CEO of Foreign Bizz Records.

In a bid to publish this article, Writer Poko Virtuous, scoured the internet space, and compiled these transformational quotes of Kanneh. If you’re serious about winning at life, you’ll do well to keep reading.

• “Smiles, good vibes, good vibe quotes, happiness, happy, happy.”

• “Why worry when you can pray.”

• “Some people will never like you because your money irritated their demons.”

• “I got a bliss putting smile on others faces.”

• “Know your worth and leave the rest to God.”

• “I pray for peace of mind and clear vision – everything else I know it myself.”

• “Put God first – you can never go wrong.”

• “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.”

• “Some people have a lot to say about lives they never lived.”

• “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business man.”

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